The Garden – Ferns and just maybe a fairy

A rock to sit on under a fern

Where children play and fairies can still be found



Dappled Light

through the kitchen window

The Beauty of Stained Glass

Up amongst the trees

Favourite Spots



Great stove, great view, great man to cook with...what more could a woman want?

A garden shed of course!

...could be a fine home brewery

might just contemplate that thought

A place to think, or just have breakfast


Romance - burning, cold night, sound of rain on the roof....


...ahh nothing like a bath to unwind at the end of the day.



Teenage retreat? Guest accommodation? Dual Occupancy? Sub-divide?

The Shed. The perfect teenage retreat ....or studio.

Or guest accommodation

Sub-divide?  Sure can, DA approved and activated.

Enjoy this special piece of paradise, and know you have a sound future investment.

Dwyer Cottage – A Bit of History



Dwyer Cottage was built in 1914

It has had two owners.

The cottage has been this family’s home

since 1978.

Good place to live – you betcha!

Even the cat thinks so…

Then again, she rules the roost!

built just for the cat


While we are on doors and door ways…

servants...well owner's entry


Cool, on a hot day

Room with a view

A cool place to be on a hot

On the verandah of the shed

view to the shed

The Kitchen

The heart of our home is the kitchen


Where great food is made….

And the mail is read